Improve Your Handwriting


Master Handwriting

Do you hate your handwriting? Do your chicken scratches seem like you should be writing on a prescription pad? Can you rather let your three-year-old doodle on your own scrapbooking layouts compared to your journaling manually? Should you answered "yes" to your of those questions, you've got a bad case of handwriting-itis! But you aren't going to a future of computer-generated journaling. Instead, there are several easy methods to increase your handwriting. Here's how:

1. Locate an example. Would you like round, "happy" writing, or can you prefer more angular script? Printing or cursive? Caps or all lower-case? Evaluate which form of writing you'd most like to be able to write yourself, and discover a handwriting mentor. A fantastic place to search for samples is at online scrapbooking galleries. Try several different styles, as it may be easier for you to imitate one kind of writing than another.

2. Practice. Don't head befitting your scrapbook layout; instead, practice on scratch paper once you be able. As long as you're talking on the telephone, making your to-do list, or writing notecards, try your chosen handwriting style. Practice may not make perfect, nevertheless it will certainly make it easier to imitate the design and style you admire. You're training the hands and creating new muscle memories, therefore the more you work advertising online, the better you'll become.

3. Draw guidelines. An inexpensive to create in straight lines by yourself. Grab your handy-dandy ruler and draw light pencil lines in which you would like your journaling to visit. After you write your journaling, you can return back and erase the lines. (I personally love the look of journaling lines consumed pen and left like a design element. It really is be a "signature" look for me, something I really do on virtually every layout!)

4. Choose your pen carefully. Don't assume all pens are created equal. They've different weights, pen nibs, ink types, etc. Try different pens to see what feels most comfortable within your hand and helps to create the appearance you want. Don't forget to take archival safety into consideration -- you need to make sure your pen associated with preference is eligible to use on scrapbook layouts.

Master Handwriting

5. Go slow! Decrease your writing. Spend some time. If you are doing a thing that doesn't come easily for you -- like writing in the new style -- you may be lured to go quickly to be over and done with. Nevertheless the slower you decide to go, the easier it is to regulate your lines. Spend some time and you may do a better job of imitating your chosen style.


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